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Our Blessed Mother received the good news of the Incarnation of Christ her Son with faith and trust. May we look to her as we work and pray for the protection of all pregnant women and babies facing difficult circumstances.   May we pray for her assistance in making the IHM Parish community a place of welcome for mothers in need as we become greater instruments of God's love and compassion.


January 22, 2024 marks the 51st anniversary of the Supreme Court's Roe v Wade decision which has since resulted in the deaths of more than 64 MILLION babies.  The Dobbs v Jackson decision ofJune 24, 2022 overturned Roe but did not end abortion in the United States.  It is imperative that we continue to pray for the end of the scourge of abortion!


Please join us on January 22, 2024 for a special time of prayer and Eucharistic Adoration immediately following the 9am morning Mass and ending with Benediction at 4pm.

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